Edinburgh Internet, Website Design, Hosting & Email Services


We will work closely with you and your company to develop a site that is affordable, yet professional. By establishing your key selling point, we will aim to promote that throughout the site through graphics, layout and text.

The only thing we require you to do, is provide your own content and text, including a logo and images. We outsource any graphic design requirements, for example if you require a logo, at a small cost, or you may feel more comfortable doing this yourself. There is a wealth of pictures, photography and graphics available online, and many sites offer a free downloading service. However, to avoid copy write issues, and to take advantage of the best quality and unique images, we suggest purchasing photography at a royalty-free site. We can search for the best images for you, and present which ones we feel will work for your site. These will come at a cost to your business, and range from £10 to £100.


We use Dreamweaver in particular to establish the overall layout. We find our clients usually like this, if they have anyone in the business with any Internet skills, it is very easy to update – we can even give you some help with this if you like! There are of course, other packages available, and we will work with you in order to develop the best one to match your needs and skills.

You may be aware there are many ways in order to develop a site. Simple HTML pages are the least expensive, but if you require more complex PHP or Javascript, depending on the image you are trying to achieve, then this will increase costs.